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Stand Up Paddle Surfing – A History

< ![endif]--> Stand Up Paddle Surfing – A History Unless you live in Hawaii, the image of people standing up on surfboards and paddling is perhaps foreign to you. But Paddle Surfing has a long rich history that has just recently made an exciting resurgence on the surfing scene. You don’t have to live in Hawaii to learn the wonderful story behind this great sport and the shapers who design the famous boards, but you’re going to want to live [...]

Learn Stand-Up Paddle Surfing in Hawaii

Paddle surfing is all the rage in Hawaii. Visitors can take the opportunity to try it during ideal calm summer conditions. Stand up surfing, also known as supping, has become extremely popular among both locals and visitors. It was recently included in the 7th Annual Duke’s Oceanfest, a weeklong surfing celebration which took place at Waikiki Beach, sponsored by the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation. Supping consists of standing on a modified long (9-11 foot) surfboard and using a canoe