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Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

The other night I was sitting here watching the news and the local television station ran a story about the latest (supposed) rage that is called stand-up paddle surfing. After watching the clip and listening to the story, I thought to myself: “My, how boring!” The next day I took a ride down to the beach here near my home in Florida (not specifically to find any stand-up paddle surfing) and here’s what I found. Photo by Tom Remington [...]

Poseidon Stand Up Paddle Surfing Announces New Jimmy Lewis Boards

Malibu CA, 21 July 2009 : The two new addition of Jimmy Lewis Board by Poseidon Stand Up Paddle Surfing, a leading online portal is one of the most anticipated offers for most surfers. Both the boards have been designed specifically for passionate surfers, who love to surf. Here are some more information on the two [...] Related posts: Anonymous Internet Surfing – Surf Anonymously Opt for a world-class PCB at PCB assembly Depot PCB Solutions Announces Acquisition of [...]

ISA launches the World Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championship

The International Surfing Association (ISA) announced that is launching the first ISA World Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championship in history.According to the release:The ISA is aware of the growth of the sport and would like to honor all SUP Surfers their respective medals, crowning for the first time in history a Stand Up Paddle Surfing World Champion.ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, one of the masterminds of this initiative commented about the creation of this World Championship: “Stand Up Padd

If Big Ben Ever Starred in a Porn…..

Big Ben and a few teammates continued their Super Bowl celebration at Tao in Vegas this past weekend. They also celebrated Ben’s 27th birthday, according to TMZ ……. Meanwhile, Troy Polamalu was in Hawaii doing a little Stand-Up Paddle Surfing…… ShareThis