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Paddles Up St. Pete Festival is perfect time to dip into paddling

By Terry Tomalin, Times Outdoors/Fitness Editor Thursday, October 4, 2012 Many people move to Florida for the water. Local residents can take their pick of playgrounds: Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. And while power boating and sailing are undoubtedl...

Surf Culture and Lifestyle Outweigh the Dangers of the Sport

For many people surfing is not only a way of life, it’s a religion. For others, it’s a hip, sexy sport that is exciting to watch and something they have always wanted to try. Even with the risks involved with surfing, the popularity of the sport is on the rise. Surfing Retreat Schools are popping up all over the world including Costa Rica, Bali, Hawaii, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Ireland and more. Surf Retreats give people [...]

Surfing the Sierra: Standup boards make a splash

Many people tried out standup paddleboard at SNAC's Paddle Fest. Enterprise photo by Joel Metzger An exciting new watersport stole the show at the Sierra Nevada Adventure Company’s 14th annual Paddle Fest held Saturday at White Pines Lake. Sleek and streamlined boards sliced through glassy alpine waters as people experienced the unique feeling of paddleboarding for the first time.