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Centuries-old dugout canoe donated to the Beaches Museum

applies a protective coating to a 700-year-old dugout canoe at the Beaches Museum & History Park. The artifact was recently donated to the museum’s permanent collection. It is on display in the Dickinson Gallery as part of the current exhibit, “Viv...

SOAP SUP: Try some standup paddle boarding with General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher

Stars from Nashville and Los Angeles often vacation at our beautiful beaches because of the anonymity afforded them here. However, one star from L.A. is here on vacation and is not trying to hide out. While soap star Ingo Rademacher gets some R&R, he...

First-Ever ISA World Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Championship to Take Place in Peru in 2012

La Jolla, California, August 8, 2011- The International Surfing Association is proud to announce the first edition of the ISA World Standup Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship (ISA WSUPPC). The event is confirmed to take place February 6-11, 2012 on the beaches of Miraflores, home of the famous Waikiki Surf Club, the cradle of modern Peruvian Surfing.

Tourists despise tiny fish but anglers love them

They're oily. They're smelly. They draw flies. Alosa pseudoharengus, or alewife, has risen from the bowels of Lake Michigan and invaded the beaches of northwest Michigan. From Leland to Ludington, hundreds of thousands of the finger-size fish have been washing up along the 100-mile stretch of coast for several weeks.

Surfer Laird Hamilton rides a business wave

Stand-up paddling, a variation of surfing in which you stand on a board and propel with a paddle almost like a kayak, is taking beaches by storm, largely due to its endorsement by Hamilton. The sport stands to change ocean recreation, much as snowboards changed the ski slopes.